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Wisdom for the Ages

LucilleHaving deep relationships, doing meaningful work, helping others, handling trouble with dignity and grace, and of course, enjoying our white-eyelashed pup, Lucille. These were the pearls of wisdom I shared with my 15-year old son almost a year ago as the secret to a happy life.

I wrote it down so as not to forget. It was 9 January 2018 while driving home from Lehrhaus, our weekly parent-child class at our synagogue. A year later, this wisdom still rings true to me. If you can manage to foster deep relationships, find work that is meaningful, and help others, you will live a life that is worthwhile by enriching others and yourself. And when trouble finds you, as it inevitably will, keeping calm and carrying on will get you to the other side. Petting a loving pooch along the way will also do you more good than you know, for you and the pooch.

Now, a year later, I attend Lehrhaus with both of my children. Lucille has been known to make an appearance or two. Big brother will graduate in May. Little sister has two more years. In Lehrhaus we learn from the texts of our tradition, many sage rabbis and scholars who came before us, our engaging class instructor, and from each other. May the wisdom continue.

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