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Take a Stand with IL Holocaust Museum

freedom nowLast Sunday, I visited the IL Holocaust Museum and Education Center with my husband and children. We saw Activists and Icons: The Photographs of Steven Schapiro and the Hologram exhibit featuring Pinchas Gutter. Both were excellent. If you have the opportunity to visit, don’t delay.

Activists and Icons is mostly a photography exhibit (there are a couple of videos) covering the civil rights movement in the 1960s and 1970s. There are famous people (Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy among others) and not so famous but powerful, including a sanitation worker on strike and a black man on a pay phone with a shirt that pretty much sums it up, Freedom Now.

The 3D Hologram Interactive exhibit features a Holocaust survivor who answers questions in real time. I asked Pinchas Gutter how he felt about Judaism now. He answered by saying how he replies when someone asks him where he is from, I am a Polish Jew. The only member of his family to survive the Holocaust, Gutter says he wants people to know he is a Jew from Poland. He’s honored to be a living witness that all Polish Jews did not perish and humbled to speak for those who did.

Did I mention don’t delay?

Barbra Streisand, 1974 and David Bowie drawing the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, also 1974.


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