TedThis challah recipe makes two loaves and takes approximately three hours to make from beginning to end. Most of the time is unsupervised, letting the dough rest and rise, so it’s easy to incorporate making challah while doing other things at home.

2 packages yeast (1 ½ tablespoons)
2 cups lukewarm water
1 cup sugar
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 tablespoon salt
7 cups bread flour
3 eggs (2 whole plus 1 egg white for dough, 1 yolk for egg wash)
½ cup canola oil

In a large bowl pour in the 2 packages of dry yeast. Add 2 cups of warm water. Stir and let stand approximately 5 minutes.

Add the sugar and brown sugar. Add the salt and stir. Add 3 ½ cups of flour and stir till smooth.

Beat together 2 eggs plus 1 egg white (reserve yolk for egg wash) and stir into the mixture. Add the oil.

Now you can begin to add in the rest of the flour. At this point, the dough is difficult to mix. It may be easiest to use your hands to incorporate the remaining flour. Knead the dough until it is well mixed.

Remove the dough and place on a clean surface so you can clean the bowl.

Coat the inside of the bowl with a tablespoon of oil (use a paper towel to spread the oil). Place the dough in the oiled bowl, and flip the dough over so that all sides are lightly coated with oil. Cover the bowl with a towel, and let it sit for 1 hour.

Punch down the dough and fold over in a ball. Let it rise for a ½ hour. Punch down again and braid.

Place braided challahs on a greased cookie sheet and let rise for a ½ hour. Beat remaining egg yolk and brush onto challahs.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until done.

Source: Adrienne’s Challah in The Modern Jewish Mom’s Guide to Shabbat by Meredith L. Jacobs